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Disclaimer: This website exists to provide information, and to review issues and problems, that the authors experienced with the Filichia Insurance Agency.  The contents of this website represent the facts, personal beliefs, opinions, recollections, email chronology, and a pinch of satire, as determined by its authors.  The website content is allowed as reasonable, and is classified as protected speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.


  • Filichia Insurance Agency files libel, defamation, and tortious interference with their insurance agency business lawsuit against the owners/authors of this website.  Follow this story here.
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What is Filichia Insurance Agency?

Please visit Filichia Insurance Agency’s website for detailed information on the company.

Filichia Insurance Agency is a Brevard County/Titusville, Florida company.

Filichia’s staff includes:

Robert Filichia, CPIA
Agency Owner

Linda Filichia
Exective Managing Agent

Katherine Rallo
Certified Professional Customer Service Representative

Michael Filichia
Customer Service Associate

Office: 321-252-1344
Fax: 321-264-9770
1703 S. Washington Av.
Titusville FL 32780

Read the biographies of staff here.

Our review and service complaints apply only to Filichia Insurance Agency of Titusville.  While there are other Filichia insurance agencies in the area, such as Filichia Insurance LLC of Melbourne, this website does not pertain to that insurance company, or any other Filichia business.


Booby Prize

Filichia Insurance Receives Best of Titusville Award

Filichia Insurance is very proud of their selection as a 2013 Best of Titusville award winner.  They include notice of this achievement on their website and on their Facebook page, and the local newspaper published an article about it here.

Given our poor experience with Filichia, we looked into this award program.  While a reasonable person might be impressed with a recognized community business, our research finds that this is a fake scam award.

Here is information regarding how this US Commerce Association award comes from a scam or hoax organization:

The award company’s website is no longer in service.

The fact is, this award came from a company that was paid for its services.  It did not come from a community-based recommendation and recognition effort (say, from a local Brevard County, Titusville, or Melbourne area newspaper, magazine, or periodical), or from a review website like Yelp.  This should raise red flags with the reader.

Skeptical about our assertions that this is a fake “Best of Titusville” award?  Check out this and this and this and this and this and this and this — all links to website postings or press releases showing identical looking awards.  What do you think?  Coincidence?  Or more like a “worst of” label?

Well, at least Filichia Insurance Agency did not purchase this scam “Best of” award five years in a row, as did this fellow Titusville business.

And what does it say to you, as a potential customer, about the reputation of Filichia Insurance Agency, that they would buy a “Best of” award and continue to trumpet/point with pride to this “achievement”, even after being made aware that it was not a real award?

In our opinion, this firm seems so desperate to boost its community reputation that:

  • Filichia bought this award from US Commerce, even though they, or any reasonable person, knows or should know, that buying an award is not a proper, normal or correct way to get an award; or
  • Filichia was not smart enough to recognize or investigate that they were “being taken” by US Commerce.

Either way, does this raise your confidence that Filichia is a reliable or dependable insurance agency?


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