Filichia Insurance Agency – Emails


Filichia Insurance Agency – Emails

This page provides a communication chronology (mostly, excerpts from emails between Filichia Insurance Agency and us), with explanation (editorial comment) regarding what happened and why it is relevant and important.  Anywhere the reader sees [ ] that is an edit I made so the text would be appropriate for posting online (there are just a few [ ],  especially toward the end, when the original email exchange became a bit heated).


We selected Filichia Insurance Agency on the recommendation of our Realtor and property manager, Melissa Criss, Options Real Estate, Titusville, Florida.
To Me
Jun 17, 2013
Subject: Insurance Companies
Here are three companies that I use frequently:

John Terrero

Filichia Insurance Agency
Robert Filichia

Allen Duncan Agencies

Initial Contact

We emailed Bob Filichia on August 30, 2013 with the following insurance coverage request:

Mark Blosser

to bob


Melissa Criss of Options Real Estate referred us.

We need quotes for owners coverage (if available) and liability-only
coverage ($300,000 minimum to go with our umbrella policy) for these
properties, all of which are SFRs and will be used as rentals:

4415 Swift Ave, Titusville
395 Country Lane Rd, Cocoa (this is a half duplex, we only own the
half and someone else owns the other half)
647 and 649 School St, Cocoa (this is a full duplex, taxed as one home
but that will be rented to 2 separate families)

We understand that P&C policies are very restricted and overpriced
right now so we may go with liability only on these properties. We
are not interested in a policy that covers pretty much just fire (no
water damage coverage) and costs almost $2000, for sure, and that is
what we have been seeing.

Thank you.

Mark and Virginia Blosser

to me
Hello Mark, our staff will work on this today and hopefully be back with you soon. Thank You Bob Have a Great week end.

Clarification of Our Insurance Needs

We almost immediately focused our insurance request to liability coverage, because we had found property and casualty (homeowners or landlord) coverage to be costly and not very effective.  Bob Filichia seemed to understand what we wanted, at that moment.

Mark Blosser

to bob

I would prefer a liability policy that covers all properties but can
be expanded to add additional properties. So, like an umbrella but in
primary – first position instead of second. I know it will cost more
than an umbrella. I am trying to avoid having to pay $500 for each
property we own, would rather have one comprehensive expandable
liability policy.

to me
That may be possible. So, I understand you want no Property /Building coverage, and no contents coverage
(hot water tanks, refers. stoves coverage, inside Air handlers, dish washers.) Okay


Filichia then asked us some questions about our properties and suggested we purchase a commercial policy with property and/or general liability coverages.

to me

I checked the Brevard County property records and determined 8 properties plus the three properties we originally started with. Do they all have General Liability coverage? Would you like me to quote one policy with all locations, General Liability only?

I think the insurance applications 10 – 18 pages that must written and submitted to even get quotes in Florida now days are many (as you say) also. Just to get Quotes.

Please keep in mind, I can insure all of these properties on a single policy or we can insure each on a personal dwelling policy individually which has a separate deductible. This way requires up dates on each in Florida.

Our suggestion would be write a Commercial policy with just General Liability or Property & General Liability as a package.

This is the correct and least expensive method.

Thank You BOB

“We will await your response”.
Mark Blosser

to bob
Hi Bob

It’s been busy, please call me when you have time. Here is some info:

– Yes we would want Commercial policy with just General Liability or
Property & General Liability as a cover all properties we
own or will own shortly. Is it difficult to add properties? We need
at least $300K liability for any given property if we are to retain
our current excess umbrella policy (or we could do that through you,
as well).

General Liability Policy Quote

Filichia provided us a quote for a “habitational general liability policy”.

Habitational General Liability Policy

to me
Hello Mark,

We just wanted to let you know where we are with underwriting your properties in our area. Recently we determined from our Commercial underwriter that we could write all these policies in a package. A quick indication developed the Base premium of approximately $750. and each additional unit added to the policy is about $160. per year. The policy cover would also cover the two vacant properties for about $50 per lot. Plus Taxes and fees. I have been working on application to get a quote for 12 locations. It seems possible
premium could be $ 3500. to $ 4000. per year. Liability only. We also need to determine which if any properties are vacant.

We will work on the property as well if you desire. Tomorrow morning, We will e-mail you our applications for your help and assistance. Thank You have a wonderful evening.



to me
Quote is $2024.54 subject to three location inspected this year. All location must be up date to at least 25 years standards.
I will finish this in the morning all I will need to bind is credit card and signature. This can be accomplished via email.
Have a good night.
This general Liability only on 12 locations.


Filichia completed an application and seemed very eager to get our money payment!

Mark & Virgina Blosser Commercial Property in Florida


to me
Please find and review all the attached applications. SIGN and return in order for us to BIND today. Then please call we will except a credit card payment for premium.

PLEASE remember there is no Property, Wind or Hurricane coverage. We need to confirm in written form from you that all rents are $500. or more and that update of have been done in past 25 years. This is straight from the applications and underwriters. Have questions please call. BOB
SEE ALL Attachment! Sign and return only the signature pages.

Our Questions and Filichia’s (Very Few) Answers

At this point, we were getting into the details, so we provided Filichia with questions and details as to what we expected out of the liability insurance policy.  Bob Filichia didn’t answer very many of the questions by email.  He sent us two videos, but they did not, in our opinion, fully answer the questions.  Most notably, Filichia’s video answers on Question #6 (bolded), where he stated that injuries to tenants and lawsuits filed by tenants would be covered by the policy, were not correct (we learned later that tenant liability is not covered — in fact, the coverage Filichia wrote was so thin that only “guests of tenants” appeared to be covered) .

We acknowledge that we finally “gave up” and trusted that the policy would be acceptable, by paying for it on October 7.  We had not seen the actual policy coverage language, and in fact did not see an actual written liability insurance policy, with details on its coverages and exclusions, until one month (November 6) after we paid Filichia.  

It was at that point, after reading the policy and determining that it did not provide the coverages we expected or had been assured would be present, that we cancelled it immediately and in writing (November 11).  

The problem arose when Filichia and the companies that wrote the policy (Lloyds of London and Burns and Wilcox) retained several hundred dollars of our premium.  We had the policy in our hand for 5 days and they kept almost $800 of our money!

Mark Blosser

to Agency
Hi Bob

Just tried to call you, guess it is too late for today.


1. Do we still need umbrella liability on these or is that up to us?
Looks like what you are offering is more than the $300K liability in
our Condo HO6 policies but less than the $2M in the GEICO umbrella.

2. Can/should we still carry the HO6s if we can get them at an acceptable
rate? Which liability coverage is primary (if I read it correctly, it would be
the $300K in the HO6)? Does your policy or the umbrella come next as
“excess”? Or can we just drop the umbrella?

3. The liability you wrote “stands alone” so we would not have to have
(unless we so choose) an HO6 or umbrella or any other coverage on the
homes, correct?

4. Is there any plus or minus to canceling the insurance policies we
already have (HO6s or umbrella) if we add your new policy? I assume
with the ones we have, if recently renewed, the renewals have “earned”
amounts, so we would not get a full pro rata refund, there would be
some extra loss due to that earned amount?

5. How does the new policy work in terms of the 25 year updates and
the $500 rents? What sort of proof or records or inspections will be
required or performed? What kind of problems/demands might arise from
this and how would we be expected to address them? I am especially
concerned that all of our homes are more than 25 years old and I am
not about to spend big money updating them, just to make some
insurance company happy. So it would be best to know if this is going
to be a problem now, before we make plans and set a course, only to
find out there are lots of problems.

6. Are there any other caveats? Is Lloyds still financially sound
(how are they rated?) If we get sued for an injury in our rental
home, how does your policy function in terms of taking on the legal
battle that would ensue? Is there any issue with our rentals being
empty from time to time? The policy covers any liability (or are
there exclusions)? For example, if our handyman cuts off his finger
working in our rental, and sues us, covered or not? Renter falls in
the bathtub or trips over a tile or carpet seam, covered or not? What
if a toilet starts leaking while a unit is empty and damages the
neighbor’s unit, neighbor sues us for the damage, covered or not?

We will not need coverage for Memory Lane, that sale was just
cancelled. We have in force coverages with 300K libility and the GEICO
umbrella for:

– Both McNeelas
– Wilderness
– Knox McRae
– 3645 Barna 3A and 16D

I will need to decide what to do with the primary HO6s and umbrellas for those.

OK, this is a bit complicated but we will get there. I feel like what
I want to see, when this is all done, is:

– HO6s with broad coverage where I can get them, such as the rental
condos (and no HO6 at all on the other rental homes, it is not worth
it so we would forego structure/contents coverage where the insurance
companies refuse to cover major hazards like water damage)

– Your policy stands alone and provides liability for all rental units
(and, can we add our primary and second homes to that, as well), and
we can then, perhaps, drop the umbrella? Your policy would be our
only coverage on the rental properties that are not condos. We would
have HO6s on the condos, and continue our current HO policies on our
homes in Elgin, AZ and Fort Garland, CO (but perhaps drop the
umbrella). Not sure if dropping the umbrella saves us any money
versus getting your coverage instead on the primary/secondary homes,
but now is the time to ask.

Thank you.

to me
I have sent you two Eyejot video emails. which you get 5 mins free. So you may want to take advantage. Thank you. BOB

Mark Blosser

to bob

Thanks, I still need to call and talk. Am running late today, just
getting lunch now.

I had a long talk with GEICO last night about our umbrella. After
lots of questions, I conclude this is how things should work for us:

– Get regular HO insurance on our main home in AZ and our 2nd home in
CO, with $300K liability coverage
– Cover those 2 homes and our vehicles with the existing personal umbrella
(requires $300K liability). GEICO said if we have more than 5 rental
properties, they would not cover any of them (right now they are
covering 5) and we need to get a commercial liability policy (as we
are doing now).
– For our rentals in Florida, get HO6 if we can get it at a fair
price, which it appears is true for condos and untrue for any other
home type (so, get the HO6 for the 3 condos at Barna, the 2 McNeelas,
and the Knox McRae condo, total of six HO6 policies).
– Forego HO6 insurance where we cannot get a reasonably priced and good
coverage in the HO6 (so, no HO insurance for our TH on Wilderness
Lane, home at 4415 Swift, and duplexes at 395 Country and 647/649
– Get the commercial liability policy (the one you are doing for us)
to cover all of the rental properties. So it will in effect be
primary (our only coverage) for the duplexes and homes, and secondary
to whatever liability and medical we get in the HO6s for the condos

And, then hope the 4 point inspections don’t result in us ending up
either with a big remodeling bill to keep the liability coverage, or
loss of that coverage altogether if we decide we don’t want to spend
the money on the remodeling. Or, I guess, finding another liability
coverage alternative, or perhaps we get lucky and find some HO6 or
other HO insurance that covers water damage and a fair price.

Do we need to do/pay for the 4 point inspections or does Lloyds do
them when they feel like it?

Mark Blosser

to bob

I think we are ready to get the liability coverage. To sum this up,
it will be for all 11 Florida properties and any future ones:

McNeela x2
Barna x3
Knox McRae
School St (2 units in one duplex, rented separately)
Country Lane
Swift Ave

Do I understand correctly, Lloyds will hire its own 4 point inspector,
at their cost? They will not accept from me, or require me to get
done, an inspection? Thing is, we have a person who does them for $75
(TC Home Inspections) and I will not be pleased if Lloyds bills me
$250 for the same work.

I looked at our condo policies again and they are HO6 for about $400,
but they have an add-on for rental to others which costs about $10-15
extra. So I guess this means the base policy for owner occupied is
the HO6 and if it is a rental they add a small surcharge? There are
also various surcharges and fees that add about $150 more.

Will you want to send me an updated binder, or is what I have what we
need to sign? What happens with the 4 points, if you know?

Thank you.

Mark Blosser

to Agency
Just want to be sure what you quoted

New Premium $ 2055.46

is the total and they won’t be coming to me later and demanding $250 x
11 properties for 4 points.

Mark Blosser

to Agency
So 2055.46 is the total and there won’t be any other charges for
inspections done by Lloyds — they just might ask for updates based on
reports and give me 30 days to comply, for example?

We Get the Policy and Find Out We Did Not Get What We Had Been Promised or Paid For

As stated above, we got the policy on November 6 and cancelled it on November 11.  The policy did not cover any liability events, injuries, or reasons that persons would sue us/file a lawsuit that we had asked for or expected to be standard coverages, including:

  • Tenants, who often do not purchase tenant insurance
  • Contractors or handymen or anyone working in the unit (such as a property manager) who are often uninsured
  • Pets
  • Swimming pool
  • “Pollutants”

The policy seemed to only provide legal defense and liability coverage for “guests” of tenants.  In our opinion, this is extremely thin coverage, and was in no way what we understood or paid for when we bought the policy through Filichia Insurance Agency.

Because we were not getting complete and correct answers from Filichia, we asked him to provide us with contact information for Burns and Wilcox or Lloyds (see bolded email passage, below).  We thought this might help us find out what went wrong.  Filichia did not comply with this request.  We conclude from this, as our agent, Filichia is 100% responsible for what went wrong, because he refused to provide the requested contact information, and kept himself between us and the insurance underwriters.  It is clear to me that Filichia could not have completely, clearly, or correctly communicated our needs to the underwriters, given the lack of proper coverages in the drafted policy.  We looked to him for all answers, and hold him culpable for all problems.

It also took Filichia two months to provide us with the unsatisfactory partial refund.  Reader will note that we were to get a refund “with no used premium” (see bolded email passage).

to me
Please see the Attachment! This is your policy. We will always keep a copy of the policy in our Agency Management system. Once again we Thank you. BOB
Mark Blosser

to bob
I thought we had coverage for pets in our units, but I see an animal
exclusion that appears to include any animal from an elephant to a
Mark Blosser

to bob
It also appears that there is an exclusion for bodily injury to a
subcontractor working for us in our units.

What does this policy actually cover?
Mark Blosser

to bob
It also appears there is an exclusion for “pollutants” meaning if the
tenant alleges their health has been damaged by mold in the walls, or
cigarette smoke drifting in from next door, or anything else airborne
or in the water, there is no coverage.

Are we paying for nothing here?
Mark Blosser

to bob
Coverage c Medical payments, under Exclusions, it apperas that none of
these are covered: us if we get hurt in a covered property,
contractors if they get hurt, or tenants if they get hurt.

I think I am paying money for nothing here. We need to talk, get our
money refunded, and start over.

to me
I checked underwriter but you can see they don’t want that exposure. Sorry. I do have a couple company I think I can write animal liability with.

Sent from my iPhone

to me
True he is a contractor must have workers compensation coverage by Florida law. Bob

Sent from my iPhone

to me
True these type policies are specialities type policies. Starting around $ 4000. To 8000. Dollars.

Sent from my iPhone
Mark Blosser

to bob

I guess I had better make a list of what we want in a policy, the one
you sold us does not appear to make the grade:

Covers us if a tenant wants to sue us for any reason. I would agree
if we were grossly negligent that would be our problem. So, if tenant
falls in the shower or on a wet tile floor, gets drunk and crashes
through a glass window or door, claims injury due to mold or smoke or
other unknown contaminant, their kid electrocutes himself by dropping a hair
dryer in the bathtub or sticking their finger in plug or the toaster, etc.
Stupid tenant injury insurance, in other words.

Covers us if tenant has a dog or other pet that bites someone or
causes property damage.

Covers us for any injury related to the swimming pool at 4415 Swift
(whether person falling in and cracking skull, if pool is empty, or drowning
if it is full).

Covers us if our handyman (not licensed, bonded or insured contractor)
gets injured on the rental premises and wants to sue us for his
injuries. We have people like that in and out of our units quite a
bit. Recently our guy was bit by a poisonous spider and
had medical bills and downtime. Didn’t sue us (yet) and probably
would have an uphill battle trying to show we were liable or negligent
is some way that caused the bite, but we need to be able to have
coverage that defends us in such a case. Not to mention the more
likely contractor events: injures himself, cuts off a finger, deep
bruises, electrical burns, falls off a ladder etc.

Basically, we want to be covered if anyone gets injured or killed on
our property if it is possibly “our fault”, meaning we could be sued,
for any reason other than our own gross negligence. By gross
negligence for example I would mean we knew the roof was about to cave
in and we didn’t fix it and we didn’t tell the tenant about it.
Deliberate omission of known hazards.

Does this insurance cover anything property damage-wise such as arson
against a unit, theft of an AC compressor or a break-in that results
in theft of appliances from inside the unit, tenant or someone drives
their car through an outside wall, anything damaged if it is
storm-related at all? I am not saying I need any/all of these
but are they covered? I would most likely want coverage for
human-caused damages and would accept and deal with myself those
damages caused by nature.

Thanks. It would be nice if the Lloyds policy included a plain
English FAQ as to what it covers and does not cover, so the insured
does not have to keep bouncing back and forth looking for exclusions
(in this policy it looks to me like everything we care about is
Mark Blosser

to bob

If available, what would it cost to get pet coverage? Same question,
except tenant coverage?

Turns out our contractor (says he has) proper insurance. So that
should be a non-issue.

Do I understand you correctly, then, that if a tenant wants to claim
against us, then Lloyds will defend the claim, whatever it is? But,
normally, Lloyds response will be “that is not an insured item”. But,
nonetheless, we can simply tell the tenant, “here is our policy and
here is (your/Bob’s) name, go ahead and file a claim”? What if the
tenant does not take “no” for an answer? They go and get an attorney
and want to sue? Will Lloyds still defend that suit or will it then
be our problem? Or is it difficult to say/depends on the nature of
the claim? Say it is something major, like, a child drowns in the
4415 Swift pool. How would that work? Will it matter if the child is
that of a tenant versus a guest at the house or a neighbor who
“wanders in”?

I need to be sure that this insurance is actually good for something.
At this point, I really have my doubts. It does not seem to address
our risks, but rather, seems more targeted to someone who owns a
business and rents a space (for example, a landscape or painting
company with a garage or yard where they run their office and/or store
their stuff).

I noted you were getting testy and impatient with me. That is unfair
given how insurance is designed to be deliberately complex and
unfathomable to a regular person. I cannot be expected to understand
how it works, no one not in the insurance business can. That is how
they want it. Charge a lot of money and then give us an illusion of
coverage, which amounts to nothing, for it.

My issues are legitimate and all I want to know is, for several likely
risk scenarios, how would the claim and legal defense process (and our
liability) unfold?

So is there someone at Lloyds or at Burns and Wilcox I should be
calling with my questions?

to me
See Attachments,

Mark, after I returned from a long day of training in Orlando yesterday. I was greeted with the attached endorsement #1 from the insurance company. It seems that the underwriters did not add the liability for the swimming pool coverage, so they are endorsing it on now.
I certainly understand your frustration. It can’t be any bigger than mine. I am in the middle and we the agents do all the work.

There is an invoice attached, which needs to get paid if desire remaining on the policy. I have shared our discontent with my Broker and she has agree to cancel if that’s your desire with no used premium.

We certainly value your business but have determined there are no endorsements for the requested additional coverage.

In addition, I have enclosed an Accord Form for your signature if you decide to cancel the policy in full. Just Please sign and return.

Sorry, for all the inconvenience. We are always looking for new places to provide the best coverage in this ever changing marketplace. Thank You.

sincerely BOB


Mark Blosser

to bob

It is unfortunate that insurance companies want to make money by
providing the illusion of insurance and not actually providing
coverage for anything of import.

It looks like we will be canceling this.

If you come across something that would help us at some point, please
get back in touch. We basically need “nuisance lawsuit” coverage for
stupid tenants, and water damage/pipe burst coverage for what seem to
be common problem with water and sewer systems in older homes.

For now it looks like we have to go without and set aside money to
self insure. No point in spending money on something that doesn’t
cover us for any of the important risks/hazards.


to me
Mark, As i have mentioned on more than one occasion the insurance companies are not in the business of insuring stupid and or maintenance issues, both of which you mentioned. They are in the business of insuring Bodily injury and property damage for named pearls causes of loss.
Please sign and return the Cancellation Form we have previously attached. Thank You Bob Have a great week.
Mark Blosser

to bob
Cancellation form is messed up

Under company name, we have no company name, but what is shown on
there is some Fire Dept in Daytona Beach

Our mailing address for the refund check is 28420 S Rain Valley Rd,
Elgin, AZ 85611, not Swift Ave

How much will the refund be (will it be the total we paid/include the
inspection costs that were added on to the insurance policy costs)?

to me
See the Attachments!
Thank you! I noticed the error also no need to change it. There is also an inspection letter you may want to address as part of good risk management. See the attached. I will also reattach the cancellation form. If you do not get it please let me know ASAP we will mail.
Mark Blosser

to bob
Thanks, I crossed out and corrected our mailing address for the refund
check, and we will fax this back today if possible. Appreciate the
inspection report; our contractor said the woman who did the work was
really nitpicky.

to me
Yes they are suppose to be when there is a million of their dollars on line. Wouldn’t you want the best risk.


Mark Blosser

to bob
Thanks, I crossed out and corrected our mailing address for the refund
check, and we will fax this back today if possible. Appreciate the
inspection report; our contractor said the woman who did the work was
really nitpicky.

to me
Yes they are suppose to be when there is a million of their dollars on line. Wouldn’t you want the best risk.

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> On Nov 11, 2013, at 12:43 PM, Mark Blosser <> wrote:
> Thanks, I crossed out and corrected our mailing address for the refund
> check, and we will fax this back today if possible. Appreciate the
> inspection report; our contractor said the woman who did the work was
> really nitpicky.
>> On 11/11/13, <> wrote:
>> See the Attachments!
>> Thank you! I noticed the error also no need to change it. There is also an
>> inspection letter you may want to address as part of good risk management..
Mark Blosser

to Agency
I just faxed the form to you, let me know if you do not receive it, please

to me
I got it and will submit it ASAP.

to me
This is the underwriters state about cancellation. BOB

We will be cancelling pro-rata, not flat? They have to pay for the actual days that they had coverage. We are not applying the 25% minimum earned penalty due to the situation.
Mark Blosser

to bob
Who do I contact to complain about this? Other than the state
insurance commissioner?

to me
The state has no business in this complaint because it is Excess Surplus Lines Business. They want even Care. Your contract agreement said, 25% minimum earned premium. They the Company was nice and are allowing pro-rota. Other wise you could have to leave them with 25% per your contract you agreed to. Remember their staff does not work free. The paper work all has to be created by computers. Plus all my time was for Free! BOB
Mark Blosser

to bob
I guess I am at the “whatever” stage on this. Extremely unhappy but
need to move on. Sorry to have wasted your time. If you ever have
any insurance to offer us that isn’t worthless, let me know.
Mark Blosser

to bob
We have not received our refund. What do we need to do to get it?

to me
As soon as we receive we will immediately forward to you. Most occasion 4 to 6 weeks. Bob

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Mark Blosser

to Agency
OK thanks, my wife was asking, but I figured it wasn’t long enough yet…
Mark Blosser
Jan 8

to Agency
OK it’s been another month and we still don’t have the refund. What gives?

Mark Blosser
Jan 8

to Agency
At this point, if you have not already mailed it, we will pick it up
from your office. We will be in the area starting on Sunday, so as
soon as the check is there, please email me and we will make time to
pick it up. Lot of money so would be wise to physically get it.
Mark Blosser
Jan 8

to Agency
Actually you said 4-6 weeks and it has been 7 weeks. I hope I will
not need to sue for the money.
Jan 8

to me
I don’t do business with companies that are reputable. I do not have your money yet!

Robert D. Filichia CPIA

Filichia Insurance Agency Inc.
1703 S. Washington Ave.
Titusville, Florida 32780
321-264-9770 (fax)

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Mark Blosser
Jan 8

to bob
OK please call them or tell me who to call and I just want an exact
date when we will get our large refund check, thanks
Jan 8

to me
I talked to Vicki today a check is being reissued today. Hoope it will be here by time you are.
Mark Blosser
Jan 16

to bob
Checking to see if the check is there so we may pick it up, thanks.

Jan 17

to me
Check arrived yesterday. I am cut you a drafts this morning as soon as I get in office.

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Jan 17

to me
Check is issued and in the office. Office is open Monday.

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Shortchanged on the Policy Refund, With No Recourse

Filichia Insurance refunded us $1270 of our $2055.46 payment and kept the remaining $785 amount.  We effectively had the policy for 5 days (counting only the time during which we had the full written policy information and were able to read it and determine it was grossly inadequate).  In our opinion, we should have received a full refund and not had $785 held back.  

To be reasonable, we would have been willing to agree to a refund that was a straight line reduction or proration of premium payment for the 36 days (0.10 years) during which coverage was in effect.  That would have meant $206 would have been withheld.  The fact that Lloyds of London, Burns and Wilcox, and Filichia Insurance retained $785, a very large portion of  our premium payment money, is unacceptable to us.

Mark Blosser
Jan 27

to Agency

The check we received, $1270, is about $600 short of correct. Please
refer to this text from your November 12 email to me:

“We will be cancelling pro-rata, not flat? They have to pay for the
actual days that they had coverage. We are not applying the 25%
minimum earned penalty due to the situation.”

Please inquire as to the status of the 25% that was apparently
withheld in conflict with this assertion. Per the statement, we
should owe a bit over 1 month’s premium, or about $200, so our refund
should have been in the $1850-$1900 range.

Thank you.


Jan 28

to me
Please check your credit card for the endorsement.
There was never any charge processed. Bob

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Mark Blosser
Jan 28

to katherine
The check we picked up yesterday, $1270, is about $600 short of correct.

Mark Blosser
Jan 28

to katherine, Agency
Wells Fargo Billpay record:

10/08/13 Burns & Wilcox EZ Pay B&W 131007 EZPAY1000149286 BlosserMark 2,055.46

We did not use a credit card

Please process the balance of our refund, we have waited patiently for
nearly 3 months for it, thank you.


Jan 28

to me
I requested underwriter get involved. I agree with you after review of file. We should know more before the end of day.

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Jan 28

to me

Upon review of our files and emails with you, it was discovered that the underwriter agreed to return full unused premium, instead of penalizing you the contracted amount 25% minimum earned premium. ($513.87 minimum earned premium. for early cancellation.) This you were explained and agreed to by contract. You also observed what was earned on the Contract Declaration page.

On more than one occasion we explained that Lloyd’s of London was the insuring carrier. That this was an excess surplus lines carrier. Not a preferred or standard company. You even signed several documents which explained the Excess Surplus Lines market in Florida.

My suggestion is please review the Declaration page. I did. I developed the following. It is only my approximations!

$ 512.46 in fully earned taxes and fees.
$1543.00 Base Premium without the endorsement #1 you requested.
$ 163.40 My estimate of earned premium for 38 days. Approximately $4.29 per day.

$512.46 Fully Earned Taxes and Fees for inspection.
$163.40 Earned Premium @ 38 days
$641.05 Total Earned Taxes Fees and Pro Rate Premium.


$750.00 Premium from effective date.

$ 48.75 Additional Taxes Endorsement #1
$ 79.04 Premium for 38 days of earned coverage.

$ 127.79 Total Earned Endorsement No. 1 Premium and Taxes


Now we add the endorsement part 1 above to Part two;

Part 1 $641.05 Total Earned Taxes Fees and Pro Rate Premium.
Part 2 $127.79 Total Earned Endorsement No. 1 Premium and Taxes
Total $ 768.84 Nonrefundable Total (Bob’s estimate)

All calculations are the responsibility of Burns & Wilcoxs.
In addition there will be some attachments.

Mark Blosser

Jan 28

to bob

I guess I do not understand what earned means and I do not understand
what endorsement I supposedly asked for, agreed to, and am paying
extra for. It had better not be for the pool, as that was supposed to
be included.

I expect to get a pro rata of my total premium. That is what the
agreement in the email was, that there would be no earned amount:

“We are not applying the 25% minimum earned penalty due to the situation.”

This does not say 25% of some esoteric arbitrary amount, it says 25%
minimum earned, which to me means 25% of the total I paid.

I will expect to receive the pro rata refund that is appropriate here.
Do you think it is fair to have sold me something that was not what I
asked for, which I canceled a few days after I FINALLY received the
policy ONE MONTH AFTER I PAID FOR IT? Keeping 40% of my money for
which I got zero tangible (or otherwise) benefit?

Furthermore, you can revisit the numerous emails I sent and see the
many many questions I asked you before committing. Your answers were
often wrong or unresponsive to my issues. I can demonstrate from your
email responses that you and/or Burns and Wilcox [misled] me repeatedly
— most notably regarding pet and pool coverages, or simply did not
answer my questions, in an apparent effort to [get] my money and hope
I would not notice that the coverage provided was not the coverage I

Do you really do business this way in the community? How do you stay
in business and live with yourself? How is it you sell people
insurance that you cannot adequately and fully explain and do not
appear to understand yourself? How you have handled this is truly

I will not drop this matter and there will be repercussions if I am not
satisfied. If you want some idea what those may be, visit and then visit
[], which is where your similar
page will reside.

I do not accept being screwed [ ] and if you do not
handle this, expect there to [be] payback as a result.

I am sorry if my response angers you, but how would you feel if
someone [would not give back $785 of your money]?

Try empathy instead of robotic responses
for once!
Mark Blosser
Jan 30

to bob

Just a note to inform you that I have shared our situation with our
property manager, Melissa Criss of Options Real Estate. She had a
rack of your brochures in her office. But, as she was appalled by
your handling of our matter, she has discarded those brochures and
will no longer recommend your firm for her clients’ insurance needs.

I imagine you are pleased with this outcome. Thank you.