Filichia Insurance Agency – Problems


Filichia Insurance Agency – Problems

In our opinion, the apparent problems we experienced with the Filichia Insurance Agency’s handling of our business are:

  • They did not actively listen to our liability insurance needs
  • They did not seek out or carefully craft an insurance product to meet our liability insurance needs
  • Based on our unhappy experience, we feel that Filichia Insurance Agency was careless, inattentive to detail, or at best, exhibited a poor knowledge of (or lack of familiarity with) the liability insurance product they obtained for us, and for which they processed payment from us
  • The first time we saw the actual policy documents was more than a month after we paid.  We immediately read the policy and found that the policy coverages did not come close to matching what we had expected or had been promised.  So, we feel the policy was almost entirely unresponsive to our needs or requirements
  • The insurance companies kept a large percentage of the money we paid, in spite of us canceling the policy a few days after receiving it.  Because Filichia processed the refund check, we hold them responsible for the $785 refund shortage.

Had Filichia Insurance Agency done any or all of the following, we would not be out $785 and complaining about this situation:

  • Actively listened to our needs (which might have resulted in Filichia’s response, “sorry, you cannot get that coverage” or “that coverage will cost $xxx extra”, so we could have dropped the endeavor or shopped for liability insurance policies at another agency)
  • Crafted a liability insurance product that fully met our needs (if they had, we would have been satisfied)
  • Provided us the actual policy documents to review prior to accepting our payment, instead of more than one month after we paid (if we had seen the inadequate policy with all of its exclusions before we paid, we would have said “no” to it [note: additional related problem: some coverages Filichia told us would be included, such as pet and pool, were excluded or “available at extra cost” in the policy])
  • Given us a full refund; after all, we canceled the policy just 5 days after receiving and reviewing it (we would have grumbled about wasting our time, but at least would have not been out so much money)